Friday, June 15, 2012

I love chickens....

Arrived from a jet plane 
#3 chicks  All set to GROW... 

and wee little puff. Chickens aren't the only ones that I love.



My nephew Cole who is serving a mission in Bintulu, Malaysia.  Is hanging onto his Cranium.  Evidently there is a tribe that needs 4 virgin skulls to build a new bridge to make it strong.  YIKES

Really!? YIKES!

In other breaking news.... It is evidently known among the eastern world China, Mongolia and so on that if you pee on a cut or if I use more correct terminology urinate on a cut that it sterilizes it.  Who knew.  Also if you wrap freshly killed goat meat put it into a container and lower it into a well it will act as a refrigerator allowing the meat to stay fresh longer.  Really!


....... really!


It Slowly started a few years ago.  Most people wouldn't complain.  And I think I have now come to grips with the odditiy of being kicked out of my own kitchen.  My husband Don has become a foodie.  With a capital F.  followed by ODD then you add the ie.  

Pardon my English but, who would have thunk it?  When asked at a recent family gathering on Memorial Day what he most loved about his mother.  Other siblings and family members mentioned, faith, courage, work ethic,  unconditional love, my husband said, "She started my love of cooking".